Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lentil As Anything

Lentil As Anything
1 St Helliers Street
Abbotsford Convent

By and large, the idea of 'community' seems to be an old fashioned concept these days. And maybe my jaded sense of society needs a good kick up the proverbial, but I'm tired of the all pervasive feeling: "buy this. own that. wear this. eat that. be seen. be kool. your life could be so much better".
Who needs all that _stuff_?
Back to basics please.

It may not surprise you to hear that I'm a fan of Lentil As Anything, not just for their simple, delicious vegetarian food but also because they are folk that practise a set of community minded principles led by Shanaka Fernando. And bring your conscience: there are no prices on the menu so you pay what you think the meal is worth.

The flipside of the menu provides a list of 'rules' of this not for profit group [Rule 4, There Are No Rules] which aim to provide training and support to the community. In fact, in recognition of his work, Fernando was recognised with an Australia Day award this year.

The food menu includes Middle Eastern curries, African and Asian inspired meals.

The Malawi Kofte (curried potato) were crispy and hot against the cool tang of the yoghurt. The sultanas and almonds throughout the rice provided alternate bursts of sweetness and nutty crunch.
The Morrocan Hot Pot consisted of stewed vegetables in a tomato based sauce, a decent -though not enthralling- feed.
Support your community via your stomach: Lentil As Anything is also open at 41 Blessington St, St Kilda, and 133 Sydney Road, Brunswick.


  1. That Shanaka Fernando is an absolute legend for starting this up. I remember reading somewhere that he was living in a tent somewhere on st kilda's foreshore for a time. How's that for embracing the live simply philosophy? Unbelievably, i haven't tried LAA in Brunswick being so close to the folks' place but i promise to do so one day. Those curried potato kofte look pretty spesh, so i hope they make a regular appearance on their menus.

    Hehe gotta love your call to "support your community...via your stomach"

  2. I agree - those kofte look great! I haven't yet visited the Abbotsford outpost, but should give LAA another go.

  3. I work at Lentils! *love*


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