Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sweets & Treats - the next level...

Notice board (a.k.a. wall of shame) in the student room at my work

Yep. We have a very serious problem here.


  1. I'm transfixed... what do all the different coloured packages represent? All I know is plain and peanut.

  2. Oh gosh, Serenity-that sure is something to be proud of!!!

    Our lab has a lot of work to do if it wants to have a wall like yours!!! :)

  3. wow.

    that's impressive!

    [elmo and i are gobsmacked :)]

    i used to eat m&m's while studying - so your sweet tooths/ teeth? must be flying through their work!!

  4. I love it! Shame on you for giving me a serious chocolate craving though!

  5. cindy its whole new world out there where m&ms are concerned. no more do you have to contend with plain browns ones or the yellow peanut ones! Not if you want to try almond (beige), peanut butter (red), crispy (blue), mint (green), dark (purple - american; navy - australian). then there are the special edition ones linked to your usual suspect promo themes (shrek3, pirates of the carribean, breast cancer research, halloween,...phew!). Yeah! We have issues here, that's for sure :P

    M's nemesis i don't know if its something to be all that proud of to be honest, we're just mere pawns to those evil purveyors of this addictive confectionary, Mars Inc. We're the victims here!!!!

    jfox - i could say these sorts of shenanigans were mainly orchestrated by the students but i think the one staff member in particular has been the biggest culprit in getting the wall to look like that ;)

    We look for any excuse to find a new range of the stuff out in the shops - we're a marketer's dream!

    Sorry about that truffle! But you'll be pleased to know that they've released dark chocolate ones so you know they're good for you. Yikes! What am i doing promoting these things?

    Disclaimer: This post does not aim to endorse or promote the consumption of m&m's (excess or otherwise).

  6. I think I can see a "Reese Pieces" in there... What's that? And where did you get the almond variety? So many to try... mmmm


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