Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ti Amo??? No-No!!!

Let me get this straight- I love this joint. As a uni student it served me well for a cheap, hearty pasta and I tend to agree as such until now.


...something weird must have happened last weekend- this favourite haunt of ours lost some major FFF points. flygirl and magic G ordered some crepes and after some cajolling I joined in and went for some bruschetta. The food was burnt and cold and didn't taste quite right for any of us. The cutlery was also dirty and when it was brought to their attention the waitress took it away, only to bring it back and give it back but to another person on our table. Woops indeed!
I really don't like to make negative posts relating to food and am usually pretty easy going with food, know service staff are rushed, could have been a one off incident, etc. but this wasn't acceptable.

Anyway, make up your own mind next time you head down there.

looks can be deceiving, tastes are unwaringly faithful!


  1. awww! that sucks, i love ti amo's for a good reliable plate of pasta. sure it ain't rocket science but something about a nourishing (+ salty) bowl of pasta is just the thing i need sometimes. maybe their bread & butter is just from making pasta and when dessert is thrown in the mix you get some chaotic results.

    mind you i've got a bad experience with ordering crepes at essen, the highly popular brekkie place in civic. it's with no exaggeration that i reckon even crepes served on a plane (if they still do that sort of thing, that is) would've easily topped that dismal effort that was obviously reheated from a previous cook up *ick!*

  2. I've had mixed experiences there but am so sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. Those crepes do look deceptively good.

  3. Ti Amo's is nice for old times' sake (my first boyfriend first told me he loved me there!), but anyone who thinks the food there is great is kidding themselves... :)

  4. serenity, the standards at essen must have dropped if that's the case! they're normaly quite good for brekkie crepes, if not superlative.

    ti amo: these crepes were served with an indifferent commercial caramel without a hint of the supposed "muscat" flavour and some paltry sultanas in place of raisins. Worse still, the bananas tasted like well - tasteless unripened ones that havd been badly cooked - a few days before, and the whole thing was cold. It might have been edible if served warmer.

    i have no qualms about criticism ;-) but the pasta there isn't bad and good hearty fare.


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