Friday, October 26, 2007

Sweets & Treats

Our workplace is invariably stockpiled with a veritable smorgasbord of snacks to nibble on (hidden in the backroom of course) when the afternoon is dragging on, the sugar levels are dangerously low and this always leads to sugar-induced silliness. There are the staples: m & m's (though Serenity and Fonzo's lab can attest to holding the record of most different wrappers on display in their office!), skittles, sometimes starbursts gummies or on special occasions something more exotique like sour gummy mandarins (courtesy of crunchyfrog), chocolate covered coffeebeans, berries or nuts. So it was pretty exciting when one of the girls returned from a conference in Kyoto, Japan and brought back some new and interesting tastes...

a gift from Punz's supervisor, wanton wrapper filled with Lotus paste, and a crispy cinnamon wafer, shapped like a cinnamon quill (in wrapper)

...a curious array

Hazelnut flavoured kit kat- the best part is unwrapping it and being assaulted by the heady hazelnut aroma- YUM!

...teddy pop (be careful not to mistaken them- gummy bears they are not!) Interesting flavour combinations including: cranberry lemon, mango orange, pink lemonade, banana yoghurt & china blue (dewberry/fruity- my fave!)

...and finally caramel/molasses combo hard candy speckled with salt flecks for that authentic salted caramel/toffee taste.

One of the best things about it all, is that because you can't read the packaging, there's no way of knowing what you're in for unless you give it a try!

...quirky perspective for living life too? (not your regular box o' chocolates)


  1. Where do you work M's? Do you work at the Flagrant Food Fawning Food Test Lab?

    I wish we had more varities of weird chocolates and lollies. I find Australia is not adventurous as Asia when it comes to weird snacks.

  2. those wonton wrapper things look alternately alluring/n.q.r. kinda like how someone who lived in a plasticky world might imagine wontons to look..if you know what i mean? more importantly, how do they taste?!

  3. Hazelnut kitkat... interesting... A nice move by the Teddy Pop company by individually wrapping each one. A sure way to stop stuffing handfuls at a time...

  4. Everything looks and sounds so interesting, I would really enjoy giving them a try.

  5. Hi,
    I chanced upon this blog through a link from another blog, and was amazed to see pictures of the kitkat I am right now happily munching on - but thought I'd just point out that they're actually chestnut flavour, not hazelnut (it's a seasonal Japan thing, you can only get then in Autumn apparently)

    Doesn't take away from their yumminess though!

  6. Hi Thanh> I wish I worked at a test kitchen- although the past few kitchen adventures have been somewhat like a food tech lab (upcoming post soon!)

    Hi Jfox> They do seem NQR sort of like the plastic crepes and dishes Japanese restaurants are so fond of!

    Hi Jonno> I think that was their intention, although that didn't stop those of us at work that devoured the packet in an hour- it was all because we wanted to taste all those strange and different flavours.

    Hi Julie> Thanks for leaving a comment, yeah some of these sweets are a strange mix and it's always an exciting invitation for the adventurous!

    Hi Hannah> Yeah, the girl who brought the kitkats back said it was chestnut flavoured and I would agree but it's taste is unmistakably that of hazelnut...O well!

  7. I have no idea if you will ever see this comment, but I wandered back here and thought I'd agree - they definitely do taste nutty. Which is a better taste than some of the other Japanese kitkats I've had, which purport to be all kinds of fruity and crazy flavours but just taste overbearingly sweet! Have you had many other kinds?

  8. hey hannah have you checked out Mellie from tummy rumbles' post on kitkats? now there is there some serious discourse happening on this subject matter!

    (i have no idea of how to add links to comments m'afraid)

  9. Hi, I'm back again! I got caught up in exams and then traveling and then couldn't find my way back to this post! I just went and checked out that post you mentioned and imagine my surprise when I discovered your mention of the ANU, and then a description of all the secret places I used to go to to stock up on peanut butter m&m's and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! See, I'm an ANU student too, only I'm currently on exchange in the US. I think I might go peek at the rest of your blog now! So exciting!

  10. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for chancing upon our blog!

    Wow-ANU to the US that's some distance, well hope you're enjoying the exchange and make sure you drop by again sometime!

    btw> Do you have a food blog perchance we can link to?


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