Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Savour chocolate & patisserie school - Open day

Savour chocolate & patisserie school
Weston Street, Carlton

Last Sunday, we checked out the savour chocolate and patisserie school open day. I have always wanted to do one of the classes offered here but a mixture of my heavy work schedule, an oversaturated market of gourmet chocolate and tight funds, limit it mostly to fantasy. That said, when stepping into the small showspace on Sunday afternoon we were met with an inviting aroma, ornate creations (most of them edible!) and quite a crowd even though it was almost at the day's end. Unfortunately, that meant there was also a limit to the taste testing opportunities but it was still a buzz to taste the chocolate raspberry ganache, even if the kiddies were greedily hanging around the ice cream! ;p

some of the results of the classes on display...

Chef Kirsten Tibballs showing how to make raspberry ganache

After all that, I was seriously considering volunteering as a professional taste tester/critic for the school (it's pure altriusm I tell you!), but I think most of the people there were on the same wavelength!

Okay, so this little diversion has me wondering if a career change is in order- love cooking (when I get a chance, there's so much to learn and too many failures haunt me still!), love my food and art (and aesthetics is very important!) so if there are any wonderful potential benefactors out there who want to send me to Paris for an apprenticeship in confectionery making please contact me!

Otherwise, I thoroughly recommend you check out the school's website they have many worthy foodperve moments in the gallery!!!


  1. How mouthwatering. I must go! What a fabulous post!

  2. Wow looks great. So if you go early, can you taste test everything?

    Do they actually sell the chocolates that they made there and that you taste tested?

    I've always wanted to go to one of these chocolate making classes too, but just can't justify the cost. For $300, I think I can buy enough good chocolates to make me sick.

  3. Hi Truffle> It was hard to remain composed in the presence of so much delicious looking chocolate and sweets! Definitely worth checking out!

    Hi Thanh> I assumed if you got there early and stuck around the front (where most of the kids were) you'd be able to try more things. Of course they made enough to go around for everyone but a nibble isn't quite enough when you see the magnitude of what they're making!

    They did also sell the chocolates but a small box (9?) costs $15 and they also sell equipment and moulds (pricey but good quality). So if you want to get serious about making chocolate and confectionery- Savour school is the place to get your fix!

    (LOL- yup, I was also thinking of what $300 can get me in chocolate instead of the classes!)

  4. i can't believe that place has been there all that time and i never noticed it before. who knew there was a chocolate school on the peripheries of brunswick?


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