Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pacha Papa- Cusco

Our first group outing in Cusco invariably lead us to the main plaza which had a host of eateries catering to the gringoes with someone keen to usher us in (there was also offers for information about the inca trail, massages and general hawking) but after a few false starts and a hike a couple of blocks away from the main scene we found Pacha Papa- a nice courtyard restaurant with woodfired oven. We even scored a free pisco sour (not realising that there'd be many more free pisco sours offered over the course of the trip!) each and overall this place had some very tasty food!

pisco sour
rocoto rellenno (stuffed hot chilli)

woodfired ham, tomato and cheese pizza

baking our tasty treats!


  1. That looks great M. Free alcohol in the middle of lunch time, excellent. And wood fired pizzas, mmm, yum.

    Did you get to visit the Inca villages? Any photos? Those places would be amazing and magical I'm guessing.

  2. It all looks so fabulous. I'm terribly jealous!

  3. Hi Thanh> Yeah the offer for free alcohol sure went down well with most of the group. Wait til I put up pictures of our trip to a pisco distillery and sampling session afterwards- the facial expressions after downing some pisco are priceless and then there was one of the guys who was giving the tour who extra festive (re:soused!)
    I might put up some non- food photos in some upcoming posts. *shock scandal*

    Hi Truffle> Sorry! I was feeling the same way when I was reading your travels across europe earlier this year- all those wonderful places!!! :)

  4. Love the oven and pizza... Look forward to some of the sights from the trip!


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