Monday, October 22, 2007

Newtown Social Club

*warning, rude cartoony bits ahead*
Newtown Social Club
180 Brunswick Street
Meet Me At Mikes #2 (no food to fawn over here)
63 Brunswick Street

you know those mornings yeah? sunny. lazy. moping around.
not doing much.
too bad it's a friday then: all of a sudden, the sun is in the middle of the sky and it's lunchtime.

[some days i count my stars that i returned to student life - refer above laziness. other days, i see my friends with their investment properties/ houses/ kids and think, well, at least i have an abundance of ready-made advisors! but i digress...]

though we live quite close to Brunswick Street, it's never been an area of habit. in a previous life, i used to regularly haunt the evelyn hotel with fond, slightly drunken memories of the fauves, fez perez, the peaks, pernice brothers and dallas crane. ah, the ev! where you have to hold the bathroom door shut with one hand but somehow maintain your dignity.
mmm i digress...

i wanted to check out Meet Me At Mikes #2 which opened on Brunswick St this week. like their Richmond store, Mikes stocks vintage and new stuff. more importantly, half the shelves are stocked with handcrafted goods or paper/fabric to get crafty. we saw gorgeous crocheted bears, jewellery - metalwork or otherwise, handbags, kids costumes, notebooks, pirate monkeys, etc. it's a colourful way to while away the afternoon and the man himself, Mike, is friendly and enthusiastic about the artisans' works. support the local community folks!

cawfee pangs calling, we headed to the Newtown Social Club. the lunch menu was fairly modest, mostly baguettes and bagels with a few cakey delights. there are also the usual tiny, sunny tables out on the street should you want a bit of street dust with your cawfee.
we settled on a ham, brie, tomato and lettuce bagel - i do love a good toasted bagel; this was nicely accompanied by a great, creamy cawfee and some afternoon sun streaming through the window. noice!


  1. where do you find out about these cute & quirky places jfox??!

    that is one droolsome looking swirly cawfee you captured there, very noice pix i say!

  2. How did you get that bagel into your mouth? Its massive! Love toasted sesame seed buns... mmmm...

  3. Heheh, I like the last pic- did you graffiti ms. fox??? *tsk tsk* :)

    Finally went past the recorded music salon but it was closed- look really cool from the outside must check it out soon!

    Hope you're well!

  4. heya serenity> it's thanks to you lovely gals' dig cam re: pix ;)

    hello jonno> we were actually civilised (for once) and used a knife to cut the bagel in half. i'm a big fan of sesame seeds too, mmmm..
    have you ever had black sesame dessert soup? mmm!

    hey m's> sssshhhh... don't tell! should meet you for a drink at recorded music salon/anywhere else sometime soon ;) hope all is well with you too!


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