Friday, October 12, 2007

Nazca... call of the carnivore

After a trip to the skies to see the famous Nazca lines and the subsequent battle to keep breakfast down- we eventually found the appetite to search for some lunch. And gosh the place we found was amazing! For a place that looked dangerously arid from above we were surprised to find a bounty of so much delicious food waiting! This place was so good we had to have a return visit and just looking at those photos below my mouth starts to water- definitely lip smackingly good!

There was lots of fresh succulent seafood- excellent takes on the ceviche and pulpo (octopus marinated in olive oil and lemon). Also agreeing with Magic G- possibly the best ever lomo saltado- a mix of lean, juicy and moist beef tossed with tomato, onions and fried potatoes served with rice (last pic!!!)

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