Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Most Important Meal of the Week

This blog is peppered with delectable treats and experiences, so I forewarn anyone reading 'posted by Jonno' entries that these will pertain to strange, fairly bland experiences, although they may entertain with stupidity or major disasters... Where else to begin with my first post here, than the best meal of the week: Weekend breakfast. I've found people have favourites here, and it will be something to differentiate between the laborious work week where every second is precious and the morning meal is usually an afterthought. Ok it's usually brunch by the time I wake up, but a frequent choice for me is poached eggs on toast.

I'm not sure where this came from but it's been in our family ever since I can remember and makes eggs dead simple that even I can't ruin. Although I recall as a little fella, making breakfast in bed for one of my brothers, only to drop one of the poached eggs on his bedroom floor, carefully obeying the 3 second rule, I extracted it off the carpet and he didn't notice the difference!
In the closest I'd get to getting everything prepared on time, I've found if you synchronise the start of the toast with the eggs, by the time they're done and buttered, the eggs will be just about right. (The extra toast for dipping of course!) That, a coffee and the Saturday paper and is there any reason to get out of the PJs? What's a staple for your weekend brekkie?


  1. A great first post Jonno and a nice welcome to our humble collective.

    Disasters are especially welcome as important ingredients in our overall culinary experiences... we've all been there and it's all too often swept under the rug (thrown out/given to the family pet)

    Also good work in capturing the curious cooking contraption (okay so it's not that weird!) but there's a darker side to food fawning which involves amassing various and sundry cooking apparatus- the weirder the better!

    Look forward to more of your adventures and once again-Welcome aboard!

  2. Nice post Jonno! Though not a big fan of eggs, its nice to read about the careful planning and strategising required to get the toast and eggs ready for the perfect brekkie.

    My staple for weekend brekkie is coffee (hopefully accompanied by some delish pastry)!

    Looking forward to more of your future posts!

  3. ooh i have egg-making envy!
    i have only poached eggs the old fashioned way - though never quite sure whether to swirl the water before dropping the egg in, when it's ready, to add vinegar or not (apparently keeps the egg whites whiter than white!)... see, so complex!
    what is this magic contraption you have!? ;)

  4. Jonno, that egg thing is weird. I've never seen one before. I thought you just drop the egg into the water. Like Jfox, I've also heard about adding vinegar but can't remember why.

    I like poached eggs too, especially when they're still runny. I know that you're not supposed to eat uncooked egg but I love it that way.

    As for weekend breakfast, it's usually eggs and bacon, although they tend to be weekend brunch at best or lunch at worst. I like to sleep in until the birds are well and truly out of their nests and foraging away somewhere.

  5. M's/Serenity - Thanks again for the invitation and happy to contribute. There's a lot of clutter around, but that, and the jaffle maker are staples around the place.. mmm pastry. They certainly hit the spot, but only on weekends!

    jfox - Must admit I've never tried the old fashioned way, looks like I've been spoiled with the lazy person's contraption!

    Thanh - I love it when the yolks are runny, especially when there's toast to dip! Yes weekends are for catching up on sleep. Thank goodness for all day breakfast menus.

  6. nice work jonno!

    gotta say i've never actually tried making poached eggs myself, but i vividly remember my grandma making them for me for breakfast when i'd sleep over at my grandparents'. will have to find out if their poacher contraption is still lurking in their kitchen somewhere...

    as for weekend breakfast - this usually happens on a sunday because saturday is for recovery - pancakes, with any of fig jam, nutella, cumquat preserve + percolator coffee ;-)


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