Sunday, October 14, 2007

Little Cupcakes

Little Cupcakes
#7, 250 Flinders Street

The bustling blocks nestled within Flinders and Collins Streets from north to south, and Swanston and Elizabeth Streets from east to west are full of pokey places that constitute foodie interest.

In the last half year or so, the laneway situated between Flinders Street and the Degraves Street entrance to the subway has largely been characterised by renovations and extensions (since we are at the subway entrance, I must highly recommend Waffle On which sells, er, waffles and 'le bol de cafe' - a must-taste).

Recent removal of the scaffolding reveals new cafes and clothes shops on the western side of the street. Meanwhile, on the opposite side, near the Italian paper shop and pokey bar, is newcomer Little Cupcakes.

Little Cupcakes has been open for almost a month, and features warm wooden decor and a central communal table. This shop pretty much only sells cupcakes - there were very serious looking bags of sugar, icing sugar, plain flour and more sugar near the wall!

When we visited, there were ~six flavours of cupcakes including chocolate, mint and coconut and these come in two sizes. As always with cupcakes, they are a bit pricey - you'll part with 3.70 for the regular size and 2.50 for a mini-cupcake. There's also a coffee and cupcake deal (written on an oh-so-cute mini-blackboard sign out the front).

The mini-cupcakes are too small to be satisfying on their own, but make a great dessert if you've gorged yourself elsewhere in the precinct.
Of the regular sizes, we tried the Red Velvet cupcake - a cocoa (didn't taste like chocolate to us?) based cake with a creamy frosting on top; and a regular chocolate cupcake (again, we guessed cocoa based rather than real chocolate). The cakes themselves were not too sweet and were balanced nicely by the frosting on top. The texture is just cakey enough, but perhaps could be either a bit lighter or a little bit more moist.

It will be interesting to see if cupcake sales alone can sustain business, there was certainly a lot of walk-in traffic in the short time we were there. And a lot of ooh-ing and ah-ing once the cupcakes themselves were spotted. We didn't try the cawfee so we might just have to return... maybe mint next time? Bonus points for friendly staff who took extra, extra care in packing the cupcakes in takeaway boxes.

(big thanks to Kim who first alerted me to this shop and has been eyeing off its renovation and impending opening - ;) thanks for the cupcakes Kim!)


  1. Oooh, that red cupcake cooks great! Must go try it soon...

  2. Ooh yes, I heard about this place last week in epicure so would like to try it out.

    Hope the picnitz went well on the weekend! Sorry to miss it and happy belated birfday!

  3. Mmm. I recently just blogged about my Great Cupcake Hunt, in which the final destination was Little Cupcakes. It was exactly what I was looking for. I agree that the cake could have stood to be a tad more moist, but overall, it was a great little cupcake and a great idea to have in Flinders Lane. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Yet another wonderful place to add to my list of places to try for my next visit!

    *Sigh!* I miss melbourne :P

  5. I spied Little Cupcake today. I had to grab a Dark Chocolate one for arvo tea in the office. The icing was delightfully gooey and chocolatey. A lovely little treat.

  6. i've visited there its great! i prefer the cupcakes this way though....because it gives the the lighter and softer feeling combining with the not-so-sweet flavour. but the coffee i think needs more work... have a good future little cupcakes!

  7. hello mutemonkey> we were immediately drawn to the red cupcake too :) hope you like it!

    yo m's!> thank you for birfday wishes, we'll have to go for another picnitz soon to make up for your absence! [although serenity's blood orange almond cake looks like a good alternative :)]

    hi mel.> mmm, i like the sound of a cupcake hunt! hope you found what you need for your impending celebration!

    heya serenity> we'll happily join you on your foodie trails when you're home next :)

    hello foreverknit> yum, might have to try the dark chocolate one next time too! wish we were close enough for afternoon tea :)

    hi lb> thank you for visiting! i agree, the sweet / not-sweet flavours worked well together. might wait a while before trying a cawfee then, thanks for the tip!

  8. I had red velvet today! I loved the frosting. I've been walking past the "coming soon" sign for weeks. I think you should definitely eat in one day if you get the chance - the plates and knives are really cute.

  9. I was quite excited to visit 'little cupcakes' as colleagues of mine had already discovered this place and highly recommended it! I went there today with a mate and there's just no other way to describe it but to honestly say that the shop assistants were RUDE! My friend wanted to take her cupcake away and after this request she was thrown a sharp look followed by her cupcake being carelessly placed in a brown bag! When i finally decided on a cupcake, the assistant threw a look over at the other lady and she was given the nod to also place my cupcake in a brown bag! To our surprise, the girl who bought a cupcake after us had hers placed nicely in a box!

    It's been made clear that this place is superficial and I'm confident that our first 'little cupcake' experience will be our last!

    'Word of mouth' is the best form of advertising...unfortunately for this shop - we only have our terrible experience to share!

  10. Hi there,

    Love the page on Little Cupcakes. I'm putting together a website called Melpedia and I've used the first paragraph from your blog post as the description on the Little Cupcakes page (see it here:

    I'm hoping to get in there and do a proper review of the place soon, do you have any problem if I leave it there until I have something in place? Please email me on and I'll take it down straight away if it is.

  11. I have previously been to this shop and bought 50 cakes but had to contend with a rude shop assistant who will not make much effort in how she will (red haired shop assistant) place the cakes in the box. Still I thought they must be having a rough day (I was probably one of their first customer at 9.30am) - still memory lapses and I took my two girls yesterday - I bought 6 minis and placed them on the bench to take some out for my girls. To my dismay the cakes were stuck to each other, no seperators were placed inside the box. I spoke to the shop assistant who dismised my claim as 'no one EVER complains about our shop (this time a young girls asian looking with light eyes). I was aghast. My girls were clearly upset. I took my box of cake and left the shop and NEVER to return. This crap shop needs to up its service. Not a place to take your kids or part your money.

  12. This cupcake shop is dreadful - Don't waste you time beacause they have untrained staff who are RUDE.

  13. Regular cupcakes are not $4.00 from 1/Nov (today).

    Small ones are still $2.50.

    My favourite is strawberry. The coffee there is ok.. but i didnt see the coffee and cake deal.


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