Friday, October 05, 2007

fast food fury @ Bembo's

Peru's answer to fast food restaurants- this establishment is mighty impressive. It has all the familiar offerings in burgers and fries (papas frites) and it even has a cafe upstairs with nice coffee and baguettes on display. A popular hangout for Cusquenians. Personally, this place s***s all over the fast food places back home (we even sampled KFC in Lima and gosh... the quality of chicken was so good AND tasty!) because the meat is actually of top quality and it taste great. They even have a great assortment of condiments which you can help yourself to (sort of like nando's) and the 'aji' sauce- a creamy chili/garlic sauce was a particular standout!
...Peruvian pop art?

...note Inca Kola the soft drink of choice in peru (it tastes like creamy soda!) They must've have the same problems as another famous food chain and so they released a healthy alternatives menu (salads- though with a huge beef pattie?!?)

The only place you'll see llamas!


  1. whoa! i'm loving the andy worholisation of those llamas there! bembo's reminds me of bambis (as in the woggy name), i wonder if there's a maccas styled establishment called bambis in greece?

  2. Ah Serenity I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Bambis fast food joint in greece. Also, glad you like the llamas (there were more I just didn't take photos!- I liked the old inca dude too. Btw> Did you remember a cartoon kid's show along the lines of Astroboy called mysterious cities of gold?


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