Saturday, September 29, 2007

Santiago- Chile

Our adventures started in Santiago, Chile where we sampled as many treats as our chilean pesos could afford us. Highlights included:

breakfast at Gatsby's (the buffet breakfast joint, not the book)

empanaditas at La Casa En La Aire

...more airport snacks, this time at ARS

Unfortunately as soon turned out to be the case, there were many more food adventures sans photographic evidence, apologia.


  1. Hey hey! check out that nice ars!!! ;-)

    ...sorry couldn't resist!!!!

  2. Well Serenity, glad you liked it... I WAS thinking of you when I saw that sign! The food was okay for airport snacks but the staff were a bit full-on constantly asking if we wanted help (in spanish mind you!) and then disappearing when we actually needed it!

  3. aaahhh its good to know that wait staff are the same around the world!

  4. Nice pics m's. What's that drink in the first pic? 3990 pesos in the last pic? what a bargain! Finally the primary school maths comes in handy...

  5. Hey serenity> Yeah there must be some unspoken general rule around the globe for waiters!

    Hey Jonno> Yeah the best thing about being in South America is the prices for things are cheaper- $1US was equal to $3.20 nuevo soles in Peru and $5.50 bolivianos. Also the drink in the first pic was the way most cappuccinos/coffees/hot chocolates were prepared when they weren't the drip filter kind. Much nicer!


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