Thursday, September 06, 2007

Look what they did to my recipes, ma!

In my daily trawls (some might call it stalking) of food blogs I'm often coming across irresistable flashes of culinary inspiration that awaken the domestic goddess within and inspire me to try my hand at duplicating these gastronomic delights. Mind you, nothing too complex for this low-maintenance cook wanna-be. Below are two blog-pilfered recipes which had me drooling enough to get off the couch and start cookin'. It was also quite fortunate that I happened to have on hand many of the pivotal ingredients.

# 1: Sweet corn fritters

I've come across quite a few posts that extoll the virtues of these Bill Granger-designed (Is designed the right word?) morsels. Being a popular item on the breakfast menu at Bill's restaurants in Sydney, you may also find the recipe in his cookbook bill's food. I got the recipe off Ange's blog (though sadly sans bacon) but you can also find it here, here and here. Not having ventured to any of his restaurants myself, I thought the next best thing would be trying to make these myself. Well, I am happy to confirm that these little beauties were very tasty indeed. The only modification I made to the original recipe was to use potato flour. Why? Because I bought it once for who knows what reason and finding it in my pantry there and then seemed good enough to use it (!). Also I added some lime juice to the mixture as I felt the batter needed further tang than the lemon could provide. Plus lime and coriander seem to go nicely together.

#2: Butternut pumpkin risotto

Next up, I pilfered this recipe off Matt from Abstract Gourmet, who also had the inspired idea to garnish the dish with chorizo flakes (Holy Moly!!!). Alas I didn't follow suit (believe me, I'm not knocking this brilliant idea in the least), only because I got the ridiculous urge to cook this during ABC's Lateline and I wasn't keen to do anything too complicated at that hour. Anyway, it turned out superb and I reckon it is highly likely to to make a repeat appearance in my regular cooking rotation. You can find the recipe here. The only modification I made to the original was to add a sprinkle of nutmeg as it seemed to be an apt accompaniment to the creamy flavours of the dish. Also my mini-blender seemed somewhat useless at pureeing pumpking flesh (I know!) so my risotto didn't have that lovely homogenous yellow hue to it as Matt's did. Nevertheless, it was still a mightily tasty dish in the end. I heartily recommend you give it a whirl too!


  1. hehehe... good to see that i'm not the only one to be pottering around in the kitchen at lateline hours! took one look at the butternut risotto and methinks i'm having a shot at this over the weekend - only problem with getting a pumpkin and living on one's own is that you know you'll be eating pumpkin all week :-)

  2. i quite like your angular pics serenity, food looks delicious!
    bill's books are great - simple, easy recipes (ok, i confess, i have only really tried the desserts. predictabley!).
    speaking of bill, we really should mention the appearance of all those celebrity chefs on Kath and Kim the other night. did you see bill, maggie beer, donna hay, kylie kwong at kel's butcher shop? we especially loved that shannon bennett was mistaken for shannon noll!

  3. hey yossarian but dear old pumpkins are so versatile. You could make soup, salad, pie (oh lordy you are close approaching thanksgiving soon - keep an eye out for those delish pumpkin pies!). Heck you could even make scones, though they call those biscuits in the south eh?

    thanks jfox! sounds like i missed a doozy of kath & kim episode too! ha! shannon noll!!! that's too funny! i like bill too, i have one of his books (though not the one with this recipe in it) and admittedly i haven't tried too many things out of it...but geez there are such nice pix in there and he's always got such a nice smiley face in his books. Nothing like that scowling gordon ramsey. On a related note, my hip pocket earned a reprieve over the weekend as the borders store didn't seem to have the crabapple bakery cookbook on their shelves but it's only a matter of time ;)

  4. Hi Serenity...

    Thanks for your loving recreation of my humble dish... and also for reminding me about how tasty it is... I might just have to make some tonight. When cooking the pumpkin down, just make sure it's nice and soft... then it'll be much easier to puree... Or else just add a bit more cream... mmmm cream.

  5. Thanks Matt for posting such a great recipe in the first place! I have to say that there's nothing like having a rather ordinary risotto in a restaurant to spur you to make (a better!) one yourself at home. I was reminded this week of how some places just don't put enough TLC into making this simple yet flavourful dish. I'm making this one time with the chorizo flakes!


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