Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ichipan Crepes

Ichipan Crepes
L1, Shop 148 Knox Place
Melbourne Central, Melbourne

Back when there was a banana crisis, Ichipan Crepes seemed like heaven. They lined up their bananas along the front window - flaunting their banana loot for all to see (you can see some in the pic below).
Ichipan Crepes is a franchise from Hong Kong that is situated on the way into the train station at Melbourne Central - something to tempt you on the way home or a snap dessert after a flick perhaps?

We tried a nutella, strawberry, custard combination (thumbs up!) and a banana, maple syrup and almond flakes crepe (mmm, not so good, a bit dry for mine). There are plenty of crepes involving that cream in a can stuff ; don't know about you, but I really can't go there!

Of course, the real reason I wanted to post about Ichipan is for a gratuitous pic of the plasticised display food. Although I've never found these particularly appetising, for some reason I quite like them, especially if there's a pair of plasticised chopsticks poised over a plasticised bowl of noodles.
If you really did want to have crepes in the city, I'd head for Aix Cafe Creperie Salon, but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and fancied a crepe on the go, Ichipan is not such a bad option.


  1. wow...they've gone and plasticised crepes?! love the pic with the strategically positioned bananas ;p

  2. Mmmmm crepes! I love those plasticised food displays. Remember in the 80s when still life (i think?) figurines of eggs being cracked or milk being poured in a bowl were all the rage? I wish they'd come back again, like yo-yos and hula hoops seem to do so every now and again

  3. I have gone past this place more times than I can count so it's fantastic finally seeing someone review it. You've reminded me I also need to try AIX.

  4. Hee! Those plasticised crepes are the reason I've always AVOIDED eating at Ichipan... they kinda creep me out. But yes, AIX definitely does the best crepes in town... try the Peking Duck one! :)

  5. hey yoss> tried any bananas in the U.S. yet?

    yay serenity!! i'm not sure what it is about the plastic food - dynamic or not! they're not appetising but somehow still like a beacon calling! eat meee..

    hey truffle> yes, we would definitely recommend aix! they have a lovely blood orange and mandarin juice too, yum!

    thank you for reading mutemonkey! creepy but alluring don't you think ;D haha
    oh, i haven't tried the peking duck one so far at aix. thank you for the recommendation, yet another reason to go back ;D

  6. I am really dissapointed with Ichipan.. they have no quality control, i only been there for three times, and in that three times i always ordered the same thing, and the results is totally different everytime.. and the contents of the crepes is too little compare to the price we pay.. think about it, you pay $6.30 for the tiny half banana?? and the banana sometimes is rotten (overcooked) taste so yuck..

    and with the plasticised food display, it looks nice from outside , but when you stand close to the dummy, it's really dusty, and once i saw cockroach near the savoury section.. has the health department ever check??


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