Thursday, September 06, 2007

Birdman Eating

Birdman Eating
238 Gertrude Street

How nice is this early spring weather in Melbourne? The sun's out, the wind's not too cold, as the Lucksmiths might sing: it's tee-shirt wea-theeer.

We took a stroll to Zetta Florence last weekend to pick up some folders in the hope of inspiring some thesis writing (or mere indulgence? ....but they're so nice!). After drooling over the delectable papers, prints, stamps and grabbing aforementioned fancy folders, we decided we needed a cawfee break so we headed towards Gertrude Street.

It's been a while since we've wandered along Gertrude Street ; the area seems to generate an ever expanding buzz. For the fashionista-ically inclined, there’s the new Alice Euphemia store on top of the existing shops that stock locally designed-and-made threads (try newly opened Forest near the corner of Smith and Gertrude for friendly service and clothes that are 'made down the street, literally!’).

Note to self and fellow foodies, a friendly reminder to revisit: pizza joint Ladro and Books for Cooks (self explanatory eh?) and now, Birdman Eating.

Birdman Eating is located just near Ladro/opposite BfC and is a narrow but warm and inviting cafe. A striking feature is the string of wooden mannequins, sporting feathers as wings, hanging from the ceiling. Interspersed between these wooden angels are tear drop vases with bright flowers hovering above the punters. The service was friendly and attentive, and the cawfee lovely (perhaps Matt Preston had a bad day? our cawfee hit the mark!).

The waitress left the lunch menu ‘to tempt us’ , so of course, we ordered the calamari, chorizo and rocket salad. This was a lovely dish, the calamari had a beautiful soft texture, the chorizo was on the right side of crunchy and a delicious lemon dressing enveloping the salad was perfect.

We just missed the interesting breakfast menu (finishes at 5pm – love that!) but made note of the home made crumpets to try next time.


  1. mmm, that sounds like a fabulous salad jfox! i ask you though, is there nothing better than chorizo? As far as i'm concerned, if i find chorizo listed on a menu item then i am curiously compelled to order said dish! Oh and how lucky are you folks in melbourne (and fitzroy, of course) to have your own food-related book shop? must check it out next time i'm down there

  2. yup - sounds like a plan serenity...we'll hit gertrude street again the next time you're down! can't wait to try those crumpets...i thought they came from plastic wrapping - didn't know you could make them!

  3. Looks delicious! I think it's time I paid a visit.

  4. hmm, i agree serenity - chorizo is superb. found a great recipe for chorizo and spuds - it kind of ends up like a stew, easy to make but tastes as if it was deceptively more complicated - will post it up next time i try it.

    as for these pics, it made me hungry just ogling them - and boy, do i miss melbourne's coffee *sob!*

  5. hmmm i was disappointed w the homemade crumpets. i thought they were supposed to be light but these were dense like uncooked pancakes =(

  6. hi serenity> mmm, chorizo. i'd be up for those chorizo cereal flakes you've mentioned previously too! when are you home next, fancy a date with me and elmo to gertrude?

    hello truffle! it's a nice area to visit and friendly staff too!

    mmm yoss> yes, please post up your recipe!

    hi anonymous> oh no, i'm really sad to hear about that!
    maybe the ones from the plastic wrapping aren't such a bad option...


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