Monday, August 06, 2007

To Market, To Market

One of the great things about the place I’m living is that I’m next door to a 24 hr supermarket. A little further down the road is the very different Whole Foods Market, to which I’ve been gravitating for meat, fruit and vegetables. The heat in Atlanta has turned from humid and wet, to more of the dry heat we get in Australia. Unfortunately, there are some days where you just wilt because it’s so stifling, but of course with summer, come summer fruits. Whole Foods specialises in all things organic – from fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, all the way to milk, cheeses, fruit juices, and even alcoholic beverages. Having the organic tag attached to it generally means that you pay through the nose, but the excellent quality of the stock has kept me making my weekly Sunday sojourn over here. Today’s haul included some fat, juicy cherries and grapes, and at last – some delish sourdough & rosemary bread to go with the minestrone I’m going to tackle tonight.

Whole Foods Market
Cnr Briarcliff and Lavista Rds
Atlanta, GA


  1. OMG! Are those bing cherries????? *drools*

    That's so great that you live close to an organic market-ey place. I love those kind of places, you find all sorts of new and interesting things.

    Is organic produce big in atlanta?

  2. hiya serenity!

    not sure if the cherries are bing cherries - i checked the bag they came in, and all it says is that they're Organic Sweet Cherries. all i know is that they taste great, and that they're nice and plump!

    you're right - there are lots of wild and wacky foods to be discovered in these organic shops. i saw some cherries today that were kind of yellow/red in colour - have you seen them before??

    there must be demand for organic produce here since there's a small organic section in the supermarket too. i've been told that there's an atlanta farmers' market open 7 days a week. excellent produce and apparently dirt cheap. i'm hoping to go in the next week or watch this space ;p


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