Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Damn you Crabapple!

*warning* this post is a bit link-happy*

My craft blogging trails led me to the
Magnolia Square Market for non-fuddy-duddy craft thrills (*warning* website is offensively PINK).
Kool fabrics and creative inspirations aside, check out these beauties from the Crabapple Bakery (erm *warning* this website is offensively PINK).
The cupcake on the right is wild strawberry and the one on the left, sticky date cupcake.

Yes. Sticky Date Cupcake.

Let's have another look...
This is seriously, the Best Cupcake I Have Ever Had.
It was gobsmackingly delicious. Moist texture in the cake itself, dotted with diced dates - and then there was the Caramel Sauce Frosting....mmmmmm. In fact, I've lost the ability to structure sentences just thinking about it....

We raced out and bought Jennifer Graham's book for this recipe (see Yossarian's previous cupcake adventures).

Looking forward to the weekend (don't expect any pics, they're gonna be gobbled up quick smart!)


  1. yum yum yum...

    have you tried the recipe out yet?? it sure is a nice one! when it comes to concocting these cupcakes, it's the icings that freak me out - how do they get them to look so pristine in the book?? photo shop?!

    ...they need a soft focus too ;p

  2. You have me hooked already. Can you please post the recipe when you make it and let me know how the version you make tastes.

    I agree about the icing. Whenever I make icing and put it on cakes or cupcakes, it looks like someone stepped on them and left a blob of something behind.

  3. I've had a few run-ins with icing my guess is- the thicker (and more evil) the better because like clay you have more control over manipulating it to make wonderful shapes. Also those piping bags are a pain in so many ways but they're what gives those nice patterns to the frosting/icing!

    I agree with Thanh-can we please have recipe ala JFox?

    Thanks for posting the pix will have to check out the market soon!

  4. How lovely do those beauties look???!!! Lovely jfox, hope you'll be making these cupcakes and reporting to us on their outcome!!!!

  5. the worst thing kids: the icing is what makes it a cupcake!

    we tried making fondant (imagine something like the icing on wedding cakes) for sugar flowers recently, and it was so much work!
    for the frosting, the trick is to coordinate turning the cupcake while using a palette knife to shape the frosting (easier said than done!)

    will do my best to make these soon but as you may have gathered, i'm quite the lazybones with food pics when cooking and then too busy eating to pick up a camera - hehe (note lack of cooking fff posts on my part :D)

    however, have passed on the recipe to a fellow dessert fiend at work - on the proviso that she bring some in for bites! will post up the recipe if it's thumbs up ;P

    otherwise yoss, i challenge you to a cupcake bake-off!

  6. jfox, you've got yourself a deal ;p

  7. That's it! You've officially convinced me that I must go here!!


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