Thursday, July 19, 2007

Recorded Music Salon Cafe

Recorded Music Salon Cafe
11 Collins Street
Melbourne 3000

I used to walk past the Recorded Music Salon on the way to lunch or while running an errand. It always seemed closed. Dark. Quiet. An anomaly in a busy area of the CBD.

The one thing I do remember is that there was a vinyl recording of Barbra Streisand in the window. It was always there. In all the years I've walked past, Barbra would peer out from the window.

Maybe it wasn't for sale?
Maybe no one wants a piece of Babs?

These days, a convenient convenience store takes its place.
But upstairs, a cafe has recently opened up and has adopted the name of the shop in which Babs used to reside.

We had a chocolate croissant and tried the Baked Egg with jamon, tomato and rocket. This was perhaps a bit dry but we liked the idea.

Great to get out of the buzz of the streets
Great view of the Paris end of the city
Great cawfee and friendly service


  1. I don't know why but it's easy to mistaken the view from RMSC as something out of some European city with that grey imposing facade of the buildings. Cool find jfox- don't think I've ever come across it then again I don't venture out to the paris end of collins street (or the city) much!

    Hope you're well!!!

  2. I love reviews of places I've walked by but never explored myself. You can never have too many chocolate croissant shops so perhaps I should give the one a try!

  3. great pics! and those building facades remind me of a particular photo i took while in boston. aah, i'm missing the melbourne winter experience :-(

  4. RMS is now trading as a bar monday-saturday evenings too, and the cocktails are fantastic! I think the gorgeous old man who used to run the music store before it's conversion would be pretty happy to have an after-work vodka or two upstairs. RMS is a real gem, get in there.


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