Monday, July 30, 2007

Perkett's self heating coffee

Having half conquered the 1000 steps (had to climb back up!) refuge was sought from the drizzle under the cubbyhouse in the playground and we indulged some curious new product.

Magic G discovered Perkett's self heating coffee in the supermarket few days ago and we though to give it a try. All the ingredients are contained inside a 281mL metal can surrounded by outer container with water and quicklime. All you need is heat! So... how did we enjoy a hot coffee without the aid of a thermos or uber chic barista? It works via an exothermic reaction between quicklime (Calcium oxide) and water (yup- science nerd!).

Instructions (with the aid of diagrams!)

1.Pull off bottom lid exposing outer container of green water (it's coloured to act as an idicator when it mixes with the calcium oxide)

2. Push down tab in center to break seal and mix two reagents

3. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds so water mixes well with quicklime and indicator (pink dot) turns white. And be careful not to burn yourself as the metal heats up.

4. Twist adjustable lid, crack a hot one open and enjoy!

The verdict

Pros: Hot enough (62 degrees) to enjoy but and not burn your tongue. Pleasant taste without being horribly dilute. Definitely convenient for those times when a caffeine hit is required and you happen to be far from civilization.

Cons: Bottle needs a really good shaking, we were waiting longer than the 5-8 minutes for the pink dot to turn white but we had to shake it a couple of times before the reaction really started. Extra weight having to carry around and you think there's more even after you finish it, because of the water and quicklime.

This curious fellow decided to see for himself what all the fuss was about and landed right next to us before swooping down on an unsuspecting family having lunch on one of the nearby benches!


  1. That's cool! Will stick to the city's slick cafes for the average work day but that looks like a bit of fun away from civilisation. :-D

  2. that's very cool. I think that was on teevee on Numbers as a key to some investigation, but I never thought I'd see them here! Nice pic of the curious onlooker! very handy for hiking...

  3. does a kookaburra come with every cup of coffee?

  4. The taste isn't the best, but they are incredibly handy to have around when I'm on watch on the sailboat.


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