Saturday, July 28, 2007

Market forces: Part II

The place.

The masses.

The produce.

The haul.

Canberra Region Farmers Market
Exhibition Park
Every Saturday 8 - 11 am
Mitchell, ACT


  1. There's something rewarding about getting up early on the weekend to trawl for fresh goodies. Looks like you had a good haul- hope you cooked some tasty things too! :)

  2. yeah love the idea of the farmers' market. don't laugh, but last night on today tonight (i know, i know...) they had a story about how the supermarket giants (yes, another one of those supermarket ripoff stories, okaaay!) orchestrate the downfall of their small fry competitors and while those shows leave one with a feeling of suspended reality, it did make me glad that i preferentially trawl out markets to least to cut out the middle man or the big boss out of the equation....look don't give me a hard time about tt, i came home tired last night and it just happened to be on, okay???!!!!

  3. A likely excuse... :)

    Well it just so happened I was flicking through the channels and came across that too, only then I got hungry and drifted into the kitchen!

    I think I started to get into the farmer's market when you first mentioned it to me from your Calgarian adventures!!! Remember those cherries and nectarines???? Mmmm!!!


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