Monday, July 02, 2007

Koko Black - every man, woman & dog wants some

It has been a long wait but at long last Koko Black has finally opened in Canberra. I'm not a serious chocolate fiend but its always good to know when a chocolate racket begins operations in your neighbourhood. Its kind of like knowing where your local supermarket is, or your local post office, your local bank and your er, local...local!

I wonder if this guy got his fix. He was shooting some seriously longing glances into the place either waiting for his owner to hurry the eff up or he himself had a hankering for some choccie treats. I hope it wasn't the latter though, because the theobromine in choccies is not meant to be very kind to critters of his ilk.

Koko Black
Canberra Centre
Bunda St
Civic, Canberra


  1. My gawd...Canberra is beginning to soudn almost -

  2. great news serenity! and did someone really put that little photo up on to I Can Haz Cheezburgerz??? pure genius ;p

  3. The big question is, what did you sample?

  4. flygirl - you know you can always come back to canberra - land of one too many roundabout, the tumbleweed town of weekend folklore ....oh and sorry to rub it in but just thought you should know we also now have a nandos *gasp!* Progress my friend!

    yossarian - i can have cheezburger can be credited with finally giving animals a voice. Disclaimer: caption shown on picture may bear little or no resemblance to thoughts of depicted animals.

    jonno - after a great deal of ummming and ahhhing we settled for a modest cup of hot chocolate that shouldn't have tipped us over the edge as it did. we also had a couple of truffles that may have contributed to our overindulged state =)

  5. Yay my comments work again!

    Sorry for the late kudos, but I rly like your ICHC picture and I can understand that the dog was curious to see what the big fuss was over koko black!



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