Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flans and fanfare

Just thought I'd post this picture of a very delicious fruit flan/tart that was organised by Punz in our lab for the belated birthday celebrations of Crunchy Froggie (seen in the corner holding onto bday mug). It looked and tasted great and the sparklers were the icing on the cake!!!

Happy Birthday Kazoo- hope you had lots of fun!


  1. nice looking flahn! at my old job we used to have birthday celebrations basically once a fortnight (just 'coz there were soooo many of us!) and sandy regularly used to pick out a nice fruit flan for the festivities. that's the only reason i miss my old job :P

    hope kaz had a great birthday!

  2. Thanks Mel! You're such a champ. *hugs*

    Serenity later is a champ too! :)


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