Saturday, July 28, 2007

Breakfast of champions*

To fortify us for a morning of marketeering, my fellow food blogger The Fonz & I resolved to have breakfast at Silo Bakery in Kingston once and for all to see what the fuss is about. This involved a certain degree of willpower (A wake up call to poor Fonz. Early on a Saturday. After a week of nightowl stints on the confocal. Yeesh!) and sound navigational skills ('where the eff is this bloody place!'). After circling the block several times we spotted the place in the main strip of Kingston shops and it occurred to me that such a place wouldn't look out of place in Melbourne.

Given the time of day for a Saturday, the place was absolutely chockers (they don't take bookings on Saturdays), but we managed to nab a table and as we lasciviously eyed the array of pastries on display we organised to have large lattes (or as jfox says, cawfee!) dispatched our way pronto. Placated with a satisfying fix of caffeine, we decided to share the selection of 'breakfast cheeses' and an almond croissant. The 'breakfast cheeses' (an emmenthal, a victorian brie and a french sharp style of cheese whose name escapes me), while tasty and accompanied by the ass-kicking bestest bread I've chanced upon, was a little too sparse for the price ($18). A look at other meals making their way to diners though looked more promising and I vow to try out the welsh rarebit or the chorizo piperade listed on the menu on my next visit. Egg-aversity be damned!

The almond croissant on the other hand was divine and certainly substantial enough to be shared. Fresh out of the oven (and boy did we had a primo view of flaky pastries and crusty breads being pulled out hot from the oven!), the croissant was buttery & flaky &...*drool* delish, with a robust almondy filling that was more almond than custard (good thing). The display counter also revealed a panoply of delectable edibles (sorry, threw in a bit of a Ned-Flanderism there), with a range of tarts, cakes, pastries, as well as baguettes & panninis with great looking fillings. They also have a cheese room, where I guess they keep their stash of special reserve cheeses.

Apologies for the blurry nature of the pix, a couple of furtive snaps were taken with my camera phone with the utmost discretion. I still get a little nervous taking photos in places for some reason. Apparently, Silo also do a decent lunch menu, so it might warrant necessitates a revisit in the not-too-distant future, separate from my next breakfast expedition to Silo.

Silo Bakery
36 Giles St
Kingston, ACT
Open Tues - Sat, 7 am - 4 pm

*I have been overusing this phrase of late. Kudos to Kurt Vonnegut (RIP) for his coining of it, or at least for its popularisation.


  1. Hey Serenity Later- great post! Have heard so much about this place and it's good to hear you finally checked it out. Will definitely be interested on visiting this place next time i'm up!

    Hope you don't have to deal with anymore serving stingyness though!

  2. Ooooh I love almond croissants although my hips are wishing you hadn't reminded me of that! I am the same way about taking photos in restaurants so thanks for snapping those for us!

  3. m's nemesis - definitely its a date! as for serving stinginess, i don't think it was all that intentional as the size of the pastries (and coffee - hubba hubba!!!) more than made up for it but i guess at that time of the morn the size of one's eyes tend to surpass their size of their stomach ;)

    truffle - these guys do a pretty good almond croissant, i'm thinking of making it a regular fixture on weekends but these chilly canberran mornings aren't helping my cause to counter this calorific onslaught with exercise! my approach to taking pix is to do so only if i plan to post a "hey you should try this place/food too!" kind of entry. nevertheless i still get nervous of some of the reactions given some recent posts on other bloggers' experiences.

  4. It's tough making up for the delicious winter treats with exercise when it's so very cold. Do you work in Canberra but live in Melbourne?

  5. Hi Truffle,

    I'm a native Melbournite and moved to Canberra about a year ago. However my gastronomic heart still resides in Melbourne ;)

    I hang out for my periodic visits back home to see the folks and i usually arm myself with a list of places that i hope to try out, thanks to the great food blogging from you melbourne-based folks.

    Did you read Ed's latest post from tomatom about how the bulk of the australian food blogs are melb based? I reckon there's a very good reason for that!

  6. oh golly, while i've been to canberra a couple of times in the last year or two, i never made it to silo.

    now i see what all the fuss is about. that coffee...and those almond croissants!! have you been back since?


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