Sunday, June 10, 2007

a patch of pumpkins?

during a weekend drive to the yarra valley, we couldn't resist picking up one of these. we chose a butternut to make a simple pumpkin soup adding a potato, diced onion and the ol' s&p. easy peasy.
please excuse the spoon, we couldn't wait to dig in!

we also found some delicious Meredith goats cheese at a visit to the de bortoli winery - an excellent substitute for cream. the montasio wasn't too bad either ;D


  1. Oddly, these pumpkins made me say "awwww" as if they were puppies or kittens or such like!

  2. hi wendy> i agree, they're almost too cute to eat ;)

  3. mmm.... cheese & pumpkins- you can smell/taste that winter has arrived!


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