Sunday, June 17, 2007

Market Forces

My dear mum came up to visit me here in chilly Canberra over the weekend and to stave off the possibility of driving each other batty, I took her to the Old Bus Depot Markets which are held in Kingston every Sunday. A hotch potch of artwork, bric-a-brac & gourmet specialties in a similar vein to the sunday markets held outside Southgate in Melbourne, there were quite a few things to see, eat and enjoy. The most important aspect of this market trawling exercise for us was to check out the nosh on offer and Mum and I were not disappointed. There was a panoply of food wares to sample including artisan breads, your stock standard fudges, organic produce, the yuppiesque dukkahs, smoked seafoods, yummo locally-produced cheeses, ooh even mulled wines & hot apple cider. Here's a sample of a few goodies we tried out:

Focaccia topped with a mix of herbs, cheeses and grilled vegies: purchased from a bread stand that was doing a roaring trade selling variants of sour-doughs, pumpernickels and ryes.

Spiced chicken skewers: purchased from a Portugeuse bbq stand. Okay taste, though the flavours were more Indian-styled (cumin & coriander?) than what i expected Portugeuse style to be (oh okay, i'm basing my judgement only on my experiences at Nandos, so i might be wrong) and unfortunately found some bits of the chicken had gristle :P (not sure what that shadowy figure lurking at the bottom right corner is doing, it doesn't seem terribly professional).

Novelty cupcakes: cupcakes stalls at markets are now all the rage and i wasn't going to go past the one here without sampling some of their wares. After some umm and ahhing I finally decided on the chocolate with coffee beans and the crocodile taking it easy on a patch of green icing cupcakes. Result: two happy customers...the croc didn't live to see the rest of the afternoon though!

Okay, here's my money shot of a half-eaten chocolate-dipped churro. I can't believe I've found a place to get churros here in Canberra, woo hoo! This little baby was found at an argentinian stall nearby the "portuguese bbq" place and to my relief met all my expectations. Though, its kind of hard to go wrong when you're talking about deep fried dough dipped in chocolate, eh?

Other items we got on the day included grapes, eggs and some locally grown quinces, which I'm looking to use soon and, depending on how things work out, may be blogging about soon seeing as they had some timely ideas in this weeks Epicure.

Old Bus Depot Markets
Wentworth Av, Kingston
Canberra, ACT
Sundays 10 am - 4 pm


  1. Oh man, some hot choc-dipped churros would really make my afternoon.... I can imagine how stoked you must feel to find them in Canberra for the first time!

  2. phwooaarr! check out the churros, dripping with choccc....
    looks delish!

    have you had a chance to check out koko black in canberra yet serenity?

  3. That looks fantastic. Great photos!

  4. Oh those cupcakes are so cute- although the crocodile looks a bit cross-eyed! :)

    Look forward to trying this place out next time I come up for a visit- especially the churros-the likes of Victoria market has some stiff competition in Canberra!

  5. omg, just look at that churros .... i feel like some now ... and since when was koko black in canberra?? wonder if it's going to end up spreading its tentacles the way trampoline has??

  6. cindy> i sure was happy to find a place to satisfy a hankering for those babies, though it might interest you to check out truffles latest post (sorry i haven't yet worked out the complexities of how to add links to comments) where she mentions a place in brunswick that does a churros and coffee deal. whoa baby!!

    jfox> nup *sigh* the sign outside its supposed future location still says coming soon. its been six months already! come on ppl!!!

    truffle> thanks for your lovely comments. as i mentioned above, i was really, really, really interested to read about your experience at la paloma. you don't know how glad i am to know there's a place in brunswick that has a nifty churros racket operating ;) its on my list of things to do next time i'm in town!

    m's nemesis> well i wouldn't go so far as to say its stiff competition as its a pretty small family-owned outlet but if the spanish donuts van ppl of vic market were considering expanding their operations up here, i'd be happy to provide them with some ideas of where to place their vans (eg outside my workplace).

    yossarian> we're still waiting on kb...and waiting...and waiting. i'd definitely like to see trampoline's tentacles stretch out to these parts in the summer though.


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