Friday, June 29, 2007

David and Camy Noodle Restaurant

DC Noodle
David & Camy Noodle Restaurant
605 Station Street
Box Hill
It used to be a bit of treat to go to Camy's Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant in Tattersalls Lane: "Meet you at Camy's.. yeah the green one!"
So it was with great sadness when Camy shipped out of Tattersalls Lane, CBD. It was never quite the same with all the management changes - smaller dumplings, rushed/confused service and er...a few health regulation issues.
Luckily, Camy (with David) has re-established a dumpling and noodle house out in Box Hill. If you ever happen to be out in this neck of the woods, this suburb is packed with cheap and cheerful asian restaurants and BBQ houses (for excellent yum cha, try out Fu Long on Whitehorse Road).
House specialty: Fried Pork Dumplings, also served steamed if you are that way inclined. We also ordered a plate of the steamed, but we all know that fried is best! ;p

Fried Slice Rice Cake with vegetables
Will do my best to try and explain this dish for the uninitiated. We ordered this dish because it reminded me of something my grandmother used to make when we were kids. She used a rice flour mixture to make these little round balls which we stored in water, and then slice up and added to a stirfry in lieu of noodles. The texture should be hard but not too chewy. Judging from the guinea pigs at the table, perhaps an acquired taste?

And a personal favourite, steaming hot xiao long bao, dipped in vinegar. These are pork dumplings that have also been wrapped with some soup inside - be careful not to burn yourself!


  1. hehehe...fried is indeed best! and Camy is actually a person?!

    ...i think i'm going on a sojourn to Box Hill in the next few days...

  2. Yeah, I agree- Box Hill is just a skip and jump away on the 109. Shoudl check it out after work sometime- maybe next week Yoss????

  3. we are shocked to hear of the demise of Chinatown Camy's but releived to hear that it was merely a relocation of sorts. To the Mystic East!

  4. You are giving me a serious dumpling craving with those photos but sad news about Camy :(


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