Sunday, June 03, 2007

Classics from the vault: The BLT

Inspired by a recent post by Ed from Tomato on the simple rules of sandwich making, I decided to revisit my own personal favourite, the BLT, writing a loving ode to this great sandwich. The BLT is a great sandwich because its the all-rounder of sandwiches, incorporating all the basic food groups: the carbs (bread, duh); the protein (B is for bacon); the vegetables (the L & T, lettuce and tomato), and let's not forget the supporting cast of sodium (from your bacon), fat (bacon & mayo) and bite (cracked pepper). Assembly of this tasty creation, as with all good sandwiches is a ridiculously quick operation and can be readily whipped up with stuff found in fridges everywhere.

You need:

1. Bread:
can be any kind you like, I used ciabatta rolls that were otherwise going stale in the cupboard, which I quickly toasted in the oven.
2. Lettuce and tomato: simple enough, place on the toasted bread, with the only stipulation being that the lettuce is placed before the tomato to minimise soggification.
3. Bacon: placed on top of the L & T. A personal preference of mine is to nuke it in the microwave for a minute or two to get it crispy. The smells that waft out will fire up the salivary glands.
4. Real Mayo: Serves two purposes: (a) to protect the other piece of bread from soggification; and (b) to complement the smoky flavour of bacon. One more stipulation I have regarding the BLT is that the real stuff is used (make your own if need be, I used Hellman's) and not that sweetened goop paraded as mayo in supermarkets. Season with some cracked pepper and away you go!

Variants of the BLT include:
BLAT (or BALT): plus avocado, which sounds bloody great and I wish I thought of it when I made my BLT.
BLET (or BELT): plus egg (not for me, but sounds like a good breakfasty choice)
BLEAT? Perhaps not, overfilling might be an infringement of on one of those sandwich making rules.


  1. I was actually going to BLAT up with some soy bacon tonight but my local supermarket doesn't sell it. Colour me green with envy!

  2. hey cindy, i was going to mention the soy bacon option, 'cos let's face it who eats bacon for its wholesome, authentic porky goodness? No, its the smokey, salty, processed (umami?) flavours we crave dammit!

    Of course this then gives us a new acronymic variant to consider: the so-called SoBLAT! ;)

  3. Hah! Oh Serenity- great to see more vault classics from you! I was pretty surprised with the creative acronyms. BOLT w onions, BLUNT w unleavened bread and nutella, BLURT w unni and relish and BLAST w anchovies and swiss cheese? I don't think they'll catch on though...

  4. Good one Serenity. A big fan of the BLT, and you're right about the mayo. It's not the same with the supermarket stuff... Bread is really important for me. Not too thick or toasted too much or else it punishes the top of the mouth!

  5. Looks like it keeps to all the rules although I hope that crust isn't too tough to chew through.

  6. Ooooh sounds fantastic. The only thing better than a BLT is a BLAT!

  7. m's nemesis - i'm loving this turn of acronymic phrase. here's one more to consider: BLOB (bacon, lettuce, onion and ...more bacon!)

    jonno - yay! hear-hear! another fan of real mayo. its quite high in fat (>40%), but heck its so much better than the regular brands sold here like 'praise'. i wonder where the idea to make mayo sweet came from?

    ed - i may have bent the rules a bit with the type of bread i used but geez it tasted sooo good toasted. Nothing like a bit of charcoal to accompany some saturated fats i say.

    truffle - yeah i'm bummed that i didn't think to use the avocadoes i had in the fridge getting overly ripe. avocados are the quintessential sandwich filling aren't they? sometimes i wonder whether they are the vegetable (fruit?) version of the egg.


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