Monday, June 04, 2007

Butterfly Cafe

Butterfly Café
Cookson Street

This place is a cute little box that somehow manages to dish up some pretty tasty breakfast, 'wiches and I'm told a really good soup. All this from a kitchen small enough for you to expect it coming out of one of those all-too-hip joints hidden in some crevice in the CBD. As Magic G tells me this ain't like most places found in this 'hood, likening it more to something found on the wrong side of the yarra- somewhere like Brunswick. It adds fuel to the whole 'bizarro brunswick' argument but that's for another time.

On this occasion we indulged in a late brunch of toasted treats and hot beverages. The breakfast pide was stacked full of goodies and topped with a generous dollop of relish. My field mushrooms on toast were sauteéd with fresh thyme and fetta. I was thinknig that a squiz of lemon juice would've been perfect but the key to enjoying the meal was getting equal proportions of mushie & cheese.

With our savoury tastebuds happily satiated, we were gathering our thoughts and things to leave but it was hard to resist picking up one of the ornate cupcakes lining up behind the glass cabinet near the register. Not exactly sure about the truth in the tale but the candy flowers were made by the son of the owner at his behest- child labour maybe? Woops... The cupcake was really good- thick, but light buttercream frosting and a light fluffy cake. Yummy!

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  1. mushrooms on toast are a newly discovered treat for me. sauted mushies on top of ricotta on toast has to be the breakfast of champions...surely?!


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