Sunday, June 10, 2007

Black Ruby

More moreish munching on Rathdowne St.

but first:
we were absolutely spoiled with an indulgent breakfast spread at the lovely abode of sonya and nick.
we thought it was to be cawfee and pancakes (this last item in itself luxurious) but were treated to:
* a warm chicken, avocado and rocket salad;
* a platter of cheese, ham and smoked salmon;
* then sweet cherries, rockmelon, grapes and strawbs;
* as well as grilled bagels topped with cream cheese and son's mum's home made pate (delish. really really delish!)

and _then_ pancakes...

it was one of those times when you count your lucky stars for having such treasures as mates, cheers guys!

Black Ruby
344 Rathdowne Street
North Carlton

a couple of hours worth of gasbagging later, we were peckish! so we stopped by rathdowne street for a bite.

i couldn't help thinking of m's nemesis' y.a.y. phenomenon (yuppies against yuppies) when sitting in the window of black ruby, situated on a sunny corner in rathdowne village.Black Ruby provides menus for both lunch and all day breakfast (love that).

we opted for the 'sweet corn and vegetable soup' which was perhaps just a little too salty. and when did corn leave the vegetable category? ;pthe rare beef with tomato, rocket and caramelised onion roll was the better choice. served on delicious home made bread, the beef was tender with a nice balance between the rocket and the sweet, soft onions.
::music nerd alert::
great music too: the panics' and thom yorke's most recent albums ;D

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  1. Sounds like a good choice for some YAY watching, noshing and aural appreciation! :)

    The beef roll with caramelized onions looked tantalisingly good!


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