Sunday, June 24, 2007

Better than ice-cream?

There are many strange practises in Canberra, not including the various goings on behind closed doors at Parliament. For instance, over the Queen's birthday weekend one may legally purchase fireworks and proceed to light them at leisure- but only during the 3 day long weekend and only with a permit. Dang!

You can also find stores that offer something that claims to be better than ice cream, that is: Frozen custard. Strange? Yep! (Apparently it is known as French ice cream and yet another relative of the sorbet/frozen yoghurt/ice cream/gelati family). If you're a little perplexed check out wikipedia's definitions for ice cream vs. frozen custard.

So, on a chilly evening we sought refuge at Rubee's original frozen custard. Their gimmick revolved around a make your own frozen custard treat, where the customer can create a concrete- a custard base with a choice of 3 mix-ins of fruit, nuts or candy.

Although we were only going for a hot chocolate, curiosity won out and I had to try for myself and see what was better than ice cream. But what flavour to decide upon when favourites include: beige delight, mud bucket and nut puddle? Hmmm...

My creation? Chocolate custard, almond and wildberry concrete

...and a nice cup of hot chocolate sprinkled with choc flakes

Can't decide? There's always "The Gambler" where you get whatever they decide to make!

The verdict: Still tasted like ice cream but with a distinct floury aftertaste. Interesting, but an acquired taste.


  1. you don't sound sold on the frozen custard m's...
    and nut puddle? i'm scared to think what that might be...

  2. sounds sorta like the Cold Rock Icecreamery idea where they mix icecream with confectionary. I've never had frizen custard but I'm not sure I'm convinced by your description.

  3. Would you like to try the gambler?

    its got whatever we feel like adding (nuts, sweets,...bugs, nailclippings - no you were mistaken that wasn't toasted coconut), etc.


  4. jeez, there are some strange things going on in canberra...i looked up the wikipedia site for 'frozen custard' and in my opinion, that photo looks more like ice-cream to me than the photo for the 'ice-cream' entry. go figure.

    as for the nut puddle...?

  5. Ahhhh...rubees, a lil' bit of Americuh in Canberra. It used to be called something else, but I forget. Cold nights in Dickson Chinatown, or just back from a jog up the mountain compensatory dugar dose.

    yossarian, I though frozen custard *was* true ice cream :-)

    Thanks for the trip down meomry lane serentiy;

  6. i love school is nearby and i go there with friends everyday in the summer :)


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