Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Red Hill Brewery

Red Hill Brewery
88 Shoreham Road
Red Hill

Traditional Plougman's Lunch
Pork Belly special with roast potatoes, caramelised onions and crackling

Before we headed off to the wineries, cheeseries, strawberries and more wineries around the Mornington Peninsula, we stopped by Red Hill Brewery for some lunch. Don't forget to have a beer tasting before your meal -I opted for the Golden Ale- and of the dishes above the pork belly was definitely the winner: it was indulgent, succulent and fattening!


  1. Yum JFox- that looks delish and although I'm not normally a fan of pork belly it looks like it would have gone down a treat.

    How was the winery and strawberry picking?

  2. m's> as there was no strawb picking, we had to console ourselves with a taste test of the strawbs sparkling, liquer, PORT and creme. noice!
    the wineries? let's just say my pics became fuzzier and fuzzier! ;p

  3. The wineries around red hill are really good. I would go back to try some more around there for sure. The food looks great too. And some real ale, hard to find in Melbourne.

  4. That ploughmans lunch looks delish! What were the long ovalish things x 2? I'm thinking beef wellington or some sort of roulade or terrine?


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