Monday, May 21, 2007

Of Animals & Orchestras

Ah the indulgence of a leisured breakfast/brunch when the boss is away. Our venture this time took us to the likes of Animal Orchestra, an inconspicuously-sized, Victorian styled terrace situated on Grattan Street opposite the Paris end of Melbourne University (wherever that may be).

Truth be told, the food was average on this occasion (and that goes for most times but I hear they make a killer fasolatha- and if you're around to see the consequences you'll agree!) but I was quite taken by the establishment's looks. It used to be an old French restaurant in it's past life and this is made pretty obvious from the overt European atmosphere.

I particularly like the collaged walls, filled with a mish-mash of pictures varying from the National Geographic panoramas to ultra-cutsey kid stuff to some free-wheelin' nudie pics if you're a real keen observer (or a pervert!) Anyhoot, it's a nice place and on this occasion, sitting outside with Vernoona a misadventure was to be had with a parking officer who rather blatantly parked his car in a no parking area and proceeded to walk down the length of Grattan Street issuing fines as he saw fit. Rather incensed and I took a piece of scrap paper scrawled a makeshift ticket and left it under the windshield of his car. We didn't stick around to see his reaction though!


  1. It is a cool little spot! I'm a big fan of their muesli.

  2. Hi Cindy, Thanks for the comment! I agree, the muesli is pretty tasty although I always find it a challenge to try and finish it. Very filling! :)

  3. hey am loving the pix of this place m's nemesis!


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