Monday, May 14, 2007

Fo-cactus focaccia?

The recipe: Like all good wog chicks I love bread in all forms such as the perennial favourite, focaccia. Here's my stab at it using a recipe from The Cooks Book.
The result: I'm not going to apologise for those chunks of salt that might be visible because I like salt, ok? The recipe called for the use of malt which I did not have on hand and might have resulted in a more authentic, chewy focaccia, rather than the more dense bready result I got. But overall it did sorta looked like a focaccia so I was happy with it.
Verdict: I ate it and lived to tell the tale. Truth be told I found it in some ways tastier than a lot of the bread sold in supermarkets, though the effort needed to do this on a regular basis is unlikely to spur me to try again anytime soon.


  1. ...ummm Anth, can you please make this for me? It looks really good and the salt flecks and rosemary are important for overall presentation and flavour! Kudos and yumbo!

  2. I'm assuming massive "Popeye" forearms may be the result of doing this frequently? (kneading the dough seems like too much effort) Looks very close to the pic Serenity! Nicely done.

  3. phew m's nemesis! i thought i was going to get grief from you about using too much salt! i don't know m it was a lotta work, i might try my hand at making another type of bread next time, there are sooo many recipes for bread in the book!

    hey jonno, massive popeye arms would have helped enormously in making this, instead of relying on my own little wimpy girl arms! it's going to be awhile before i make this again, i think.


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