Tuesday, May 15, 2007


There's something about the Tom Waits' charm of this place which brings us back to this old haunt. After the recent closure because of a violation of health and safety regulations, which brought many a tear- we finally have Camy's back. It might be Karen Carpenter's singing or the cool deconstructualist art students eyeing you for a fight or the giant urn for self-serving tea and primary school mugs you pour it into or the delicious plates of dumplings with volumes of chilli bean paste, vinegar and soy at arms length or just the kitschy decor of the place.

One thing is certain- the food is cheap, it's tasty, it fills you up and sometimes it comes back to haunt you. Despite any shortcomings this place is a favourite amongst most flagrant food fawners! Then again, maybe it's because of the outside menu you read before entering the restaurant (see below)!

perversed veg with dork poodle anyone?

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