Monday, May 21, 2007

Cafe Paragon

Cafe Paragon
651 Rathdowne Street
North Carlton
In between a farewell garage sale and farewell BBQ, we fulfilled Elmo's long held wish to 'have breakfast on Rathdowne Street'. After a momentary second hand book shop distraction, we wandered down the street for some good bites.

This stroll perusing leafy North Carlton's bustling cafes brought back vivid memories of my weekend job, where I used to work the coffee machine at a surburban joint where breakfasting and brunching was the thing to do (swag of kids or large pet optional). In light of this experience, I must confess that I used to think that brunching was for yuppies or dinks. In recent years however, the odd indulgent weekend breakfast has become a great way to catch up with mates as life gets busier and crazier.
Embrace your inner yuppie guys!
We settled on Cafe Paragon, a buzzing corner shop that also had a tempting lunch menu. Elmo chose the Eggs Paragon, a smoked salmon version of Benedict; eggs were cooked just right and a bit more hollandaise sauce wouldn't have gone astray =bearing in mind our weakness to the stuff ;) .

The coffee wasn't as creamy as it could be but the Lychee and
Pina Colada muffin more than compensated. The flavours of the lychee (tinned) and pineapple were a nice burst of sweetness in between the just-right texture of the muffin that was topped with icing and coconut flakes.
Probably even more delicious when lychees are in season!


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious! I might have to pop by for a muffin sometime soon :)

  2. Hey JFox,
    This place looks cool and definitely worth to check out sometime soon.
    Also like the idea of cocktail inspired muffins! Hmm maybe we should experiment with other versions such as a bloody mary, long island ice tea or mojito muffin!


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