Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cafe Fraus Crepes et Chocolat

Cafe Fraus Crepes et Chocolat
345 Victoria Street
North Melbourne

What better excuse to eat, drink and be merry than for a birthday (Bonne anniversaire Dr B!) ?

Another of North Melbourne's great places to eat is Fraus, a cafe that specialises in crepes - savoury or sweet- and European style hot chocolate.

I'm a big fan of breakfasting so was well chuffed to find the Gallette Benedict available for dinner. This was perhaps a little drier than other gallettes on the table that evening but I just can't go past a splash of hollandaise sauce. Flavour-wise, there was a good balance between the sweet acidity of the hollandaise with the saltiness of the ham and oozy egg.

Galette Benedict

Since the petrol-like hike on the price of bananas last year, I fell out of the weekly habit of grabbing a bunch at the market. And even though bananas are affordable once more, I haven't quite got back to the weekly-banana-bunch-grab rhythm. This sweet and delicious Banana Caramel Stack will soon cure me of this ill. We gobbled this down in no time while the others were taking pics (sorry guys!)

Banana Caramel stack [note kaz in background, ready to pounce with knife and fork]

Fraus Hot Chocolate w Banana flavour

And if you do have a chance to visit, you must try the Hot Chocolate - rich, creamy, indulgent and over the top. You can choose the classic or try one of twenty flavours.

There's also a courtyard out the back for a weekend brunch and great non-food related strolling in the North Melbourne area.

* if you're into a bit of fashion/kool stuff, also check out Kids In Berlin across the road, or the neighbours Call Me Madam boutique


  1. That hot chocolate looks incredibly tempting and I've had a few crepe cravings lately so I'll have to give this place a try soon! Thanks for the review.

  2. oooh... that banana caramel stack looks delicious.

  3. I can highly recommend any of the dishes from this place, the few times I've been there's always been something to tempt the tastebuds!


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