Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Beetroot & Chocolate cake

What the?
After a recent spate of culinary disasters (3 demerit points), I have avoided the kitchen except in pursuit of some snack. Last night however, I found beetroot in the fridge and remembered a beetroot & chocolate cake recipe I've been keen to try out. Determined to reclaim my culinary goddess status I embarked upon yet another challenge the result... okay. Tastewise only the slightest trace of earthy tartness from the beetroot. The chocolate ovewhelms any essence of flavour. I also freestyled with some rose-water whipped cream and plum jam in the middle and chocolate ganache with flaked almonds at the top. It was good but a bit too dense. Verdict: 1 point back. Still need something dazzle-worthy for mother's day.


  1. Rosewater, plum jam, and chocolate ganache?! That sounds incredible. I tip my hat to you. :-)

  2. what recent spate of culinary disasters?

    anyways, the beet & choc cake looks fabulouso to me and i'm now inspired to bake something tonight ...then again i might (no, i know i will) think differently at the end of what's shaping up to be a loooong day :P

    yumbo jumbo m's nemesis! you may need to make that again next time i'm in town.

  3. Thats some wicked combinations of food items. Never thought I would hear the words beetroot in a cake.

  4. Cindy> I was a little nervous using the beetroot given the strong earthy taste and overdosed on flavours but it worked out surprisingly well! Thanks for the kudos!

    Serenity Later> Looks are just as important as taste so that was good! I was a tad disappointed you couldn't see the grated beetroot after baking- oh well!

    Thanh> Yeah -never would've thought to mix the two, but after Magic G's take on Nigella's zucchini & lime sponge, became enlightened to the way of vegetables in cakes. Now to try out the cabbage and white chocolate sachatorte! (Just kidding!)

  5. Very Shocked at the outcome of this. I was something that the my husband turned his nose up when i explained what i was doing. Then i turned my nose up at him when he enjoyed it. LOL.

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