Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tom Phat II- lunch expedition

Thai green chicken curry

Prawn Pad Thai

Notes: Our curry was not as spicy as we would have liked (no sweats or opening of nasal passages!) but the coconut cream provided a lush texture that lingered only slightly on the tongue. The pad thai was alright (frankly not on par with Thaila Thai's) but pleasant enough and slightly piquant- nice to have big chunky roasted peanuts too!


  1. hard to tell if it's the good photography or the food itself, but that green curry looks delish ... and i'm also glad that they didn't scrimp on the roasted peanuts - it's a pet peeve of mine when eateries are stingy with a) nuts or b) seafood - 'specially if it's meant to be an important bit of the dish!

  2. Hiya kaluds!

    I couldn't agree with you more- if a dish says seafood you should expect to have a fair amount of plump and juicy fruits of the sea right? I'm sure glad that i'm not allergic to 1) peanuts 2) seafood b/c they're so tasty! :)


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