Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Greek Easter celebrations

(clockwise from top left: baklava, koulourakia, tsoureki, kadaifi, melomakarona and kourabiethes)

Yes, of course there were the requisite red dyed easter eggs, koulourakia (shortbread), melomakarona (walnut cookies drenched in syrup), tsoureki (knotted easter bread similar to brioche or panetone with egg in the middle), baklava, kada-ifi (shredded pastry filled with pistachio meal and soaked in orange blossom/lemon syrup) and kourabiethes (moonshaped almond shortbreads covered in icing sugar).

A surprise (welcome!) absence of patsa (tripe soup-sorry ma!) but the mayiritsa (lamb offal in an egg/lemon broth with herbs) and lamb fricasse were still present though I've spared the reader any visual aid.

Overall a good chance to indulge in tasty sweets and spend Q-time with the family.


  1. mmmm ... how do you make those walnut cookies?? dunno how to pronounce it, but they sure have a great name too ;-)

  2. Heheh.. no problemos recipe will soon be forthcoming! :)

  3. we, the people, demand recipes, now!

    greek sweets are just fabulous...well done m's nemesis..


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