Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fond memories of a lost laksa

A few weekends ago I ambitiously set out to satisfy a hankering for a laksa by making it myself (!). While I did rely on a few choice ingredients of convenience (commercially sourced laksa paste, fried bean curd, canned coconut cream), I am proud to state that the chicken stock was made from scratch (by me, I swear!). The laksa turned out to be pretty good if I do say so myself, though tragically a power-related mishap in the apartment that evening meant that, in the absence of refrigeration, there wasn't going to be any leftovers to relive the experience. All I can do now is wistfully look at photos that were taken for posterity and ponder on what could've been...*sigh*


  1. Gosh, that laksa did look super tasty! Bummer about having to toss it because of the refrigerator going far-cactus! Oh well, the evidence is there and you got to enjoy a bit of it!

  2. wow, good work serenity! looks delish, and well impressed that you made your chicken stock (says me with a shameful container of veg stock for risottos ;D )

  3. Exactly M's nemesis! You've figured out the real reason i posted this (i.e. evidence that i cooked something, anything!

    Thanks jfox! I need to qualify further that while the chicken stock was lovingly prepared in a saucepan by yours truly, it was done so using one of those roast chooks from the supermarket.. the thrify side of me thought to try to get just that little bit extra from the chook carcass :P


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