Friday, April 20, 2007

Battered & Bruised

At work we're fortunate enough to have a 'donut day' morning tea once a month. I usually gravitate towards the unnaturally coloured icing with hundreds & thousands/sprinkles but there weren't any this time. Instead, I was drawn towards this poor fellow who looks a little worse for wear. It's midway between a jam and cinnamon donut- excet because of the hole in the middle the jam has been injected at different points- as if it's been bruised and battered!


  1. Poor donut, don't worry, I'll eat him. :-)

  2. do you think it might have battered donut syndrome?

  3. Oh dear!

    Hi Thanh> Well it's good to know that despite it's poor presentation it can still appeal to you! We know how important aesthetics are with food fawning!

    Hi Kaluds> Batter Donut Syndrome? Dang should've used that for the concurrent blogging- BDS! :)


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