Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ruminating @ Rumi's

Don't believe the hype? Maybe...

Have been meaning to check out this place for a while but have been a little disappointed lately with the too-cool-for-school reputation that Brunswick's eateries have been receiving. See Tummy Rumbles's ruminations on Rumi. Overall, the experience was good- only slightly marred by some sloppy service and a trio of miffed looking customers who may have been eyeing us for a fight?

The food: lebanese pickles, sigara boreki (ladies fingers filled with pine nuts and haloumi-pictured), chickpea and pumpkin salad(pictured), lamb fatteh, lamb korecht and rice pilaf and for dessert coffee with turkish delight (be warned powdered sugar makes for a very dangerous weapon), halva with pistachios and dried mulberries. Nice surprise: pomegranate juice (alone or in vodka & lime cocktail) and also a good source of Vitamin C to boot!


  1. Pomegranate juice! It'll be the new ribena. ;-) I get fidgety every time I see another review of Rumi, I think I will be the last blogger in Melbourne to actually make it there!

  2. Another Rumi visitor, I seem to be the only person so far who totally disliked it. I just found a lot of the food flavourless and some almost inedible. The hot yoghurt soup was so sour I had to force myself to eat it.

  3. Hi Thanh > I read your review and was amused by your pics- good for you for persevering with the soup it is an acquired taste but I wasn't willing to try it out. Was also a bit of hit/miss for me too.

    Hi Cindy> Yup, with this furore over Ribena having no Vitamin C it seems fitting for pomegranate juice to take over! ;)

  4. Can the yoghurt soup be really that bad? Apparently (from what I've heard), it's da business.

    But then, yoghurt is an acquired taste. I can easily sit down to a tub of plain european or greek. I know that would turn the stomach of some!


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