Saturday, March 17, 2007

I think beets are neet

This luscious beetroot dip was made using a kick ass recipe c/o Stephanie Alexander's book . What separates this beetroot dip from the so-so versions you might find in the supermarket is the inspired decision to add cumin, garlic, coriander and ground up dry roasted chilli flakes, which really lifted it from the mundane. Kudos to a convalescing M's nemesis who managed to whip up this beauty before returning back to bed.


  1. Thanks Serenity Later for the generous comments- I guess the best feedback was the fact that the beetroot dip disappeared so quickly! And another important ingredient was the sumac-it adds a nice tartness.

    Btw> Hope you liked my version of hummus too- maybe too much garlic and not enough lemon juice?

  2. *phwoar!* the hummus is kick ass too. i wish i brought back more with me :(

    i've had it for breakfast i had it for snacks and i had it for dinner last night. it runs rings around the lacklustre versions i've had to contend with from the shops. YUMBO JUMBO!!!!


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