Monday, February 12, 2007

Multicultural Festival, Garema Place- Canberra

Greek- loukoumathes (well worth the 45 min wait!)

Cuban -Sangria (the good stuff!!!)

Japanese- Sake Summer cocktail (good strong stuff!)

Japanese- Octopus Balls

Hungarian klobasz (sausage)

Salvadorean- Tamales

Spanish Paella

Spanish Paella, Chorizo and Sangria (the weak version)

Vietnamese Mung Bean Sesame Ball

(other food not pictured but enthusiastically devoured: Greek yiros with salad and olive bread; Vietnamese mock meat/tofu kebabs; Philipino pork sticks; Argentinian empanada)


  1. Now that's a multicultural festival! That Spanish Paella sure looks yummy, but I think I'd be sweating bullets. Just out of curiosity what's in the Greek loukoumathes? Looks like too much good food to enjoy in one day...

  2. Hi Jonno, thanks for the comment! It was almost too much good food to enjoy in one day but it was shared amongst 4 of us. Was disappointed at not sampling the many sausage stalls and beers of the scandanavian regions (Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden),South African, Korean, Eastern European and of course Dutch porfjertes... all very tempting but could only stomach so much.

    Also, Greek loukoumathes are basic dough sans sugar (yeast, flour, milk/yoghurt, eggs) with honey, cinnamon and walnuts generously drizzled over for the dressing. I'll try and put up the recipe soon if you want to have a go or check out this website of fried dough from around the world! :)

    Here's a recipe from the Food Lover's Guide to Australia for loukoumathes:

  3. oh. wow. delicious!
    great pix m's!


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