Saturday, February 03, 2007

Morrocan Soup Bar

Morrocan Soup Bar
183 St Georges Road
Fitzroy North

There's a particular time of the year when friends come home from their other state/country abode and I find myself at this vegetarian Middle Eastern restaurant again..and again. It also seems to be a place where I bump into old uni friends, old work friends, friends of old school friends.. the whole six degree spectrum.

When The Dude came home recently, the familiar question: 'Hey, can we go to the Soup Bar? I love that chick-pea bake! And the mint tea is so refreshing!'

And for good reason too: it's absolutely delicious. Who'd have thought chick peas could taste so good? Crunchy pita, roasted almond slivers and yoghurt top this essential dish. The Harira soup also comes highly recommended. In fact, it's a spoken menu so ask -if you dare- for a banquet and you will be treated to a mezze platter, bread, vegies with couscous rounded off with coffee and biscuit or baklava for only $16 each.

But beware, there will be queues so get in early!

1 comment:

  1. mmmm banquet

    Sorry have fallen off the radar of blogging but promise to post some pix up soon!

    Hope all's well! :)


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