Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ti amo Tiamo2

Minestrone Soup

Tiamo1 and 2
303-305 Lygon St
After many student-years wandering up and down Lygon Street, Tiamo (1 or 2) remains a steady favourite and is arguably the only restaurant left on the strip that maintains its old school charm and character. Spend some time with a home-style plate of pasta and gaze at the wonderful posters plastered on the walls at Tiamo1 or sit on the footpath and have a great coffee. Next door, Tiamo2 has a stronger focus on food and we recently had a delicious Minestrone Soup after a flick at the Cinema Nova.

Although the original Tiamo opened in the late 1960s, Tiamo2 is only just celebrating reaching double figures. A great time to wander back to Tiamo2 and wish them a Happy 10th!

PS: And how can you not love a restaurant that also loves you?

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  1. wow! didn't realise how young Tiamo 2 was ... it's just a wee bub ...


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