Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mud Crab

West Lake
189 Little Bourke Street

It's been years and years since we've visited West Lake, an old family haunt in our childhood. And even though the patronage has changed a lot*, this Mud Crab kept warm in a claypot still tasted pretty delicious.

* I'm delicately trying to describe the AsianRatio. It's a family thing to measure a restaurant by this parameter; say you're on Victoria Street Richmond and feeling a bit spoilt for choice, it's often a good guide!


  1. Hey Jfox,
    This is Graeme Klass, who created Asian Ratio (don't let the name fool you - I'm part Asian :)).
    I will have to try out West Lake some time.
    In the mean time, feel free to submit your Asian Ratio to West Lake on our site at: http://www.asianratio.com.au/content/view/58/

    Graeme Klass
    Founder, AsianRatio.com.au

  2. Thanks for visiting us Graeme! will keep your www in mind ;D

  3. who was recently telling me that my blogosphere was expanding, miss fox?! if that's indeed so, it looks like i'm not alone ;-)

  4. increasing the asianratio has its benefits, but it does mean you don't get offered an ocean view


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