Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Profiterolus glorifidus

An attempt to make "traditional" French Wedding Cake*, a Croquembouche, for a friend's birthday. Croquembouche is effectively a glorified stack of profiteroles made with caramel adhesive.

Behold: caramel adhesive!

The profiteroles were sandwiched with vanilla creme patisserie (custard), orange custard and a dab of choclate ganache. No time to make the caramel floss that covers it: the last profiterole was added seconds before said friend knocked at the door. No candying of rose petals took place either, and we were forced to resort to sprinkling them randomly on the pile.

*traditional, but was only invented about 200 years ago.


  1. this was delish ... and those edible flowers went down a treat too ;-)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry flygirl!!!

    They were a salubrious celebratory surety! Thank you so much!!! :)

    As the French are apt to say... Magnifique!


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