Saturday, December 09, 2006

O Porto!

If you are ever lucky enough to visit Porto, head to the Douro River where you can taste port straight from the cellars.
For a delicious in-betweener, head a few blocks away from the riverfront restaurants to the smaller ma and pa type cafes for some homecooked Portugese chicken.


  1. Yum! But what was on the empty plate? Forget the knife and fork, you had to have dug in with the hands! Where abouts did you get the chocolote goodies from the previous post?

  2. Yumbo jumbo jfox! Lame thing to say, but i didn't realise the portugese chicken of nandos and oporto had authentic beginnings! the one you posted here looks the tastiest by far!!

  3. sorry jonno, the most important info is absent!
    Pictured top: the Belgian Spoiler from Koko Black on Lygon Street (also one in Royal Arcade, Bourke St) and below: a Hot Chocolate from the Chocolate Mill near Daylesford with handmade chocolate goodness.

  4. anyone want to jump on a plane to porto??


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